Saturday 9 March 2019

2018 Course Maps

 Leg 1 - Mt Erin uphill


Leg 1 - Mt Erin - downhill section


Leg 2 - Link Track to Kahuranaki Station


Leg 2 - Mt Kahuranaki 


Leg 3 - Te Mata Peak


In summary, Leg 1 participants will cross the river and get their feet wet.  Leg 2 will remain completely dry.  And leg 3 will cross the river too.  Both transitions points are located in the same place, at Rochfort Rd on the Tukituki River.

Those people who are taking part in the One Peak Explorer will only be completing leg 1 - Mt Erin.  This includes the uphill, downhill and crossing the river to the transition point at Rochfort Rd.

Any questions, please contact us.

Plan B - in case we can't cross the river

The 'Plan B' course is a ripper (and just as much fun as Plan A!).  Two times up Mt Erin (on different routes), and once up Te Mata Peak.

You will follow the beginning of the course as per above - until you reach the top of Mt Erin (leg 1), then you will follow a different descent...and a different climb (for leg 2).  See below.

Leg_1b_alternative (2).jpg

Leg 1 - 15 kms

Mt Erin - Uphill section 

Starting from the Village centre, outside Porter's Hotel, you will be escorted via a control vehicle, to the residential streets of Havelock North.  Heading up Lucknow Road and then Kopanga Road, you will then reach Kopanga Station where you will work your way up the farm and then in to Hilton Station.  Lots of old farm tracks and some gravel road.  We will be avoiding the boggy area used in previous years, and instead heading up along a high ridge.  There is a very steep section close to the top, that will entail a bike carry / walk for the runners.  Glorious views at the top (489m)!

Mt Erin - Downhill section

From the top of Mt Erin (489 m), quickly take in the spectacular views, looking out towards Mt Ruapehu and the Kaweka / Ruahine Ranges.  Great perspective of Te Mata Peak from up here too.

The descent is fast and fun.  You will travel down along old farm tracks.  Look out for some small boulders under your feet / wheels!  Mountain bikers, you can get a lot of speed up going down here, please be aware of others around you.  Soon you will reach the banks of the Tukituki River.  Cross over carefully, and hold on to one another if you need support.  Congratulations - you are at the end of leg 1!  




Leg 2 - 22 kms

Link to the base of Mt Kahuranaki

Upon leaving the Tukituki River transition area, you will take a right along Rochfort Rd (a gravel road - note in previous years you have gone left along here).  You will then join some farm tracks, gradually heading uphill,  and work your way past some pine plantations until you exit on to Kahuranaki Rd, nearly opposite the entrance to Kahuranaki Station.

Note you will be using this same track on the return back to transition (at the end of your Kahuranaki leg)


Mt Kahuranaki - up and down

As you enter Kahuranaki Station, you will travel briefly along the gravel road, but then take a right early on, to head along farm tracks.  These tracks will work their way around the south side of Mt Kahuranaki.  Note that these trails have never been used before in TP!  You will then reach a valley heading steeply upwards.  When reaching the top of the mighty Kahuranaki (646m), be sure to take in the 360 deg views.  Spectacular!  You will then descend down a fun valley (no gravel road) until reaching the road where you re-join back on to the link track (described above) which heads back to transition by the Tukituki River.  This link track will have people travelling up & down it simultaneously, so please remember to stay on the left, and be aware of others travelling towards you.

Leg 3 - 18 kms

Te Mata Peak

This leg will begin at the transition area beside the Tukituki River, at Rochfort Rd.  You will cross the river and immediately head right (north), following the western side of the river, along gravel road and farmland.  You will then reach Matangi Road, where you will ride briefly, until turning left at the cattleyards.  Ascending via farm tracks, you will eventually reach the base of Te Mata Peak, where you will join the spectacular Giant Track.  The climb will become gradually steeper (and narrow) until reaching the summit of 399m!  Then it is a fun descent for everyone.  Mt bikers and walkers/runners will follow different tracks.  You will exit the Park at Tauroa Rd end, where you will travel until Hikanui Reserve, Tainui Reserve, Keith Sands Grove and then HURRAH you're on the home straight along Joll Rd - to the finish line in Havelock North Village.  Congratulations!


Plan B - Alternative Descent off Mt Erin for Leg 1

If we cannot cross the river, those entrants competing in leg 1 (and all solo) will descend via this super-fun track.

It travels down some fast farmland and some custom built tracks on mighty Mt Erin.  You will reach the base of Mt Erin (off Middle Road), where the transition point will be located.  If you are in a team, you will then ''pass the baton'' to your teammate, who will then climb back up Mt Erin to the top for leg 2 - along some cool tracks - and then descend down the original track, as described above in leg 1 downhill.  This will then reach the western side of the Tukituki River, and head northwards towards Te Mata Peak (without crossing the river).  

The transition from leg 2 to leg 3 will be off Matangi Road, at the cattleyards.  Te Mata Peak leg will remain as per the description above.

Leading up to event day, we will keep in regular contact with all competitors to advise of the course plans - especially if the weather is looking a bit iffy!